Keep Your Knee Safe and Clean in the Garden

Whether you are working in the garden, greenhouse or around the home, protecting your knees from bugs, cuts, simple aches and pains, is a practice we all should live by.

These knee pads are comfortable to wear while you work. Palmate Gardening Shells are designed to be comfortably worn on bare skin or the outside of pants. Your preference.

They are made from a water-resistant, professional sports-grade Neoprene material that is delicate on your skin and will not bite into your legs as you kneel down. The endless applications include flooring knee pads, construction knee pads, gardening knee pads and some unique uses such as martial arts or dance knee pads. The material is sturdy, stretchy and will last many years of vigorous use!

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Beware of Toxic Garden Hoses

toxic garden hoseThere are many things that can cause harm to people, from the toxins in the air to strange chemicals added to foods. Most homeowners have an outdoor garden hose and do not give much thought to it or how healthy it actually is. However, this can be a dangerous attitude to have.

It is not uncommon for children to drink from garden hoses during the hot months of summer. These hoses are used to fill small pools for children and for other types of water play. Additionally, some people provide water for their pets from their outdoor water source and also use them for watering their outdoor plants.

This has been going on ever since garden hoses were first attached to homes and for a long time, nobody gave it much thought. However, this is a dangerous stance to take. The fact is that virtually all of the garden hoses that are sold on the market have several potential health problems associated with them. It is wise for anyone interested in keeping their home and loved ones safe to investigate the matter.

The majority of garden hoses have brass fixtures on either end. Lead in the brass often exceeds the levels deemed safe for children. However, since the device is not intended for children, the manufacturers do not test and label the lead.

Garden hoses are constructed with with modern plastic instead of natural materials. While this makes them affordable and long lasting, the plasticizers used also contaminate the water. Phthalates and bisphenol A are both present in the garden hoses being sold across the country. These chemicals have been shown to harm children and have been removed from their products.

If kids drink the water from the hose, they are at greater risk for problems with their cognitive and neurological functioning. The disruptions to the development of their brain and nervous system is something that can have a lifetime of repercussions. In some instances, excessive exposure to these dangers have also been linked to reproductive issues.

Animals that consume the water are likely to have similar health problems resulting from exposure to the chemicals and metal. While there are not studies tying garden hose water directly to illness in animals, it is reasonable to believe that if it harms humans that it probably does them as well.

In addition to these toxins, garden hoses that have water standing in them for any length of time may become home to a wide variety of bacteria or other harmful microscopic creatures. This presents yet another potential danger lurking in the garden hose.

While there have been some changes made in recent years to make these products less toxic, the majority of them are still dangerous for use in drinking water. The possible harm that can come from consuming this water is something that everyone needs to be aware of. To make certain that you, your family and your pets are safe, always provide healthy drinking water outdoors. The Clear Flow Water hose is probably the only solution we have found that is clean for drinking, I’d rate it the best garden hose available.

Basic Tips For DIY Furnace Maintenance

diy furnace repair from homeIn the winter, keeping your furnace running at peak efficiency will not only save you money, but also reduce the chances of something going wrong. However, this does not mean that you have to hire a professional and spend hundreds of dollars having your furnace checked out. With some tips for DIY furnace maintenance, you can make sure that your furnace runs smoothly and keeps you warm all winter long.

Doing a bit of basic maintenance will pay off in the long run. In just a few hours with a few basic tools, you can ensure that your furnace does not suffer from many common problems.

First, make sure that you turn off the power to your furnace. The last thing you want to do is accidentally electrocute yourself or ignite the natural gas. Remove the door to the combustion chamber. Usually, all you have to do is lift it up and pull it off.

If there is a burner cover, remove it. You may need to unscrew the cover first. Next, switch the power back on to check the color of the flames. If the flames are burning yellow, this indicates that they are dirty. Clean burners produce flames that burn blue.

Turn the power back off. Turn the gas valve 90 degrees to turn off the gas. Next, clean the burners and the base of the furnace. An ordinary vacuum cleaner can be used to suction the dirt and dust from the burners. Remove the blower door and vacuum this part of the furnace as well.

To clean the blower, you will need to remove it from the furnace. It is usually held in place with two bolts that you will have to remove with a socket wrench. Lift it out gently so that you do not damage it.

Use your vacuum cleaner and a small brush to gently clean the blower blades. Be careful so that you do not damage any wiring or jostle the blower’s counterweights. It is important to clean the blower as thoroughly as possible so that it does not get thrown off balance. Once you are done, replace the blower and secure it back in place.

Changing the furnace filters needs to be done on a regular basis, at least once every two to three months. Check the filter more frequently to see if it is getting dirty. Generally, you do not need an expensive, high-efficiency filter. In fact, these can actually put more of a strain on your furnace by restricting the flow of air.

Clean the flame sensor to make sure that the furnace ignites properly. This sensor is used to check to see if the flame is lit. If the sensor gets dirty, the furnace may shut off when it is not supposed to.

After you are done, close your furnace back up and turn the gas on again. Turn on the main power and adjust the thermostat to make sure that everything is working properly. A little annual maintenance can make a big difference in the long run.

Servicing your residential heating system can be dirty work, and very dangerous. If your looking for a canadian furnace repair service a reputable company that we suggest would be Laird & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.