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Braawi Foundation Repair in London Ontario

London’s Own Foundation & Repair Company!

Welcome to the online home of Braawi Construction and Concrete — we are family owned and operated and would like to extend our 30+ years of specialty concrete solutions for residential and commercial space in London and St. Thomas Ontario.

Basement waterproofing, leaking crack repairs, concrete residential foundation problems, bowed walls, basement dampness, moisture in walls… the ailment list goes on and on but so does our list of resolve!

We have a proven track record of repairing damaged foundation from age, such as cracks and shifting and tilting, and we are specialists in dampness removal and leak prevention. Our engineers are certified and versed in structural design and can implement solutions for any situation, urban, rural, residential, commercial or even jobs where aesthetics are concerned.

Patios and Concrete Landings

If you have a pool of backyard property that requires some maintenance, we can help with the drainage assessment and re-structuring of the system so that your property will never have a drain or water damage problem again in the future.

Let us know what type of service you require, and we will certainly send our best to do their best!

Thanks for choosing us — we won’t let you down!

~ The Braawi Concrete Team